Wired Intercom Stations

These are our 'economy' model intercom units - they are very reliable but they're stationary.

One problem with these is that your order taker isn't always able to give a prompt greeting to the customer, almost necessitating the need for an additional employee when compared to running your store with headsets instead.


CODE: 963009

$725.25   $569.00
These durable, hard-wired, point-to-point communication products are a low-cost, easy-to-use, tough-as-nails alternative or backup to your wireless audio... More

Half-Duplex Kit
Includes Speaker/Mic (Single Outdoor Element) & 200' of 22/4 STP cable. We recommend opting for the Full Duplex kit - the increased fidelity is... More

Full-Duplex Kit

CODE: 963009

$684.25   $269.00
Includes Speaker, Custom Hi-Fi weatherproof Microphone, & 400' of 22/4 STP drive-thru cable.

Pedestal for wired intercom

CODE: 963012

$91.00   $63.75
Pedestal for wired intercom. Works with either 3M's D-15 or HME's IC300.