Sodar vehicle detection

Sonar vehicle detectors are middle of the line - they're able to provide a presence detection signal like the magnetic vehicle detection systems, and they're great for locations that have severe cracks/sinking/problems in the lane surface, but they're susceptible to interference & quirky behavior. If you have the option we highly recommend the magnetic system.

HME DU3 - Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector

CODE: C10964

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HME DU3 - Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector. Detector, Ultrasonic, Vehicle, DU3 (with [2] 25' cables for mounting at drive‚Äźthru window; 115 VAC) More

CE 3036 Ultrasonic Detector

CODE: CE 3036-4X

CE Ultrasonic Detector. Includes Detector, mounting box, & 12 VDC power supply (not pictured). This device can be powered off of most HME base... More