Magnetic, in-ground loop

This is the most dependable type of vehicle detection system available.

Pre-Fab Loop - 10' lead

CODE: Pre-Fab Loop

$120.00   $98.00
Pre-Fab Loop with 10' lead-in wire for New Construction. Rated at 125 uH, +/- 6.25% They're made out of 6 turns of a single 18 AWG wire and... More

Retro-Fit Loop Kit
Retro-Fit Loop Kit for existing locations.  Includes:   1 tube of loop sealant 100' of XLPE loop wire   When this... More

CE-317 Vehicle Detector

CODE: CE-317

This is our favored external vehicle detector. It lacks some features present in the VDB102, but if you have a system from a manufacturer other than HME... More

Saw-Cut for Retrofit Loop Installation
Saw-Cut for Retrofit Loop Installation. Retrofit loop kit is sold separately.