3M model XT-1

The 3M XT-1 system was released around the third quarter of 2008, leapfrogging HME's Wireless IQ with it's all-digital message center.

Ear Muffs, Package of 6

CODE: (6) C1060 Ear Muffs

Package of 6 ear muffs for the 3M C1060 & XT-1 headset.

Manager Service Kit for the 3M C1060 & XT-1 Headset Systems

CODE: 78691147405

Kit Contains: 10 Each 3M™ Ear Pads, 5 Each 3M™ Ear Cups, 10 Each 3M™ Head Pads, and 10 Each 3M™ Microphone Windscreens.

3M™ Power Supply, Battery Charger

CODE: 78802892832

$37.41   $27.00
3M™ Power Supply, Battery Charger 15 VDC, 1.2 Amps Use with 3M™ Wireless Communication System Models C860, C960, C1025, C1060, XT-1... More

3M G5 Battery

CODE: 78-6911-5198-5

3M G5 Battery. Includes 1 year warranty. **no air shipments**

XT-1 Headset, without battery

CODE: 78691150979

3M XT-1 Headset, w/o battery, includes 2 year warranty. 78-6911-5098-7 78691150987